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2020 . 4

Obesity as a global challenge of the 21st century: clinical medical nutrition, prevention and therapy


The article presents modern data on the prevalence of overweight and obesity, provides updated information on personalized programs for managing body weight, individual recommendations for a healthy diet, adequate physical activity and long-term lifestyle changes. It is shown that dietary therapy is the basic treatment method in weight loss programs and is aimed at long-term maintenance of a negative energy balance in the patient's organism by limiting the calorie intake. A significant place in the article is devoted to the use of diets modified by calorie value and macronutrient content which are recommended for obese patients. A strategy for the prevention of obesity and its associated diseases is presented.

Keywords:dietary therapy, overweight, obesity, type 2nd diabetes, low-calorie diet

Funding. The research was carried out at the expense of the subsidy for the implementation of the state task.

Conflict of interest. Authors declare no conflict of interest.

Contribution. All authors participated in concept development, analysis and interpretation of the data, and finally approved the manuscript for publication.

For citation: Sharafetdinov Kh.Kh., Plotnikova O.A. Obesity as a global challenge of the 21st century: clinical medical nutrition, prevention and therapy. Voprosy pitaniia [Problems of Nutrition]. 2020; 89 (4): 161-71. DOI: (in Russian)


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Viktor A. Tutelyan
Full Member of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Doctor of Medical Sciences, Professor, Scientific Director of the Federal Research Centre of Nutrition, Biotechnology and Food Safety (Moscow, Russia)

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