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Influence wheat bran on organism vitamin (experiment on rats)

AbstractThe inclusion of wheat bran (at a dose of 2,3 and 4,6% of the dry weight) in the semi-synthetic diet of rats under combined deficiency of vitamins (20 and 50% of the adequate level) did not have a significant effect on vitamins C, B1 and B2 liver levels, riboflavin blood plasma level, and thiamine and riboflavin urinary excretion. The consumption of bran in high dose has been accompanied by a decrease of retinol blood plasma level on 19–28% but it has no effect on liver retinol palmitate content. Bran intake in both doses resulted in a deterioration of rats sufficiency with vitamin E, which had been confirmed by a simultaneous significant decrease of blood plasma alpha-tocopherol concentration on 31–40%, and its liver level on 23–43%. The results obtained indicate the advisability of vitamin E enrichment of diets with a high content of dietary fiber.

Keywords:vitamin C, В1, B2, E, A, wheat bran, dietary fiber, vitamindeficient diet on rats

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