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Pineapple juice nutritional profile


Knowledge about food composition is necessary both for specialists to assess the state of nutrition of the population and develop recommendations on nutrition, as well as for consumers to organize healthy individual nutrition. Russian Union of Juice Producers together with research organizations is working to systematize and expand knowledge about the composition of juices, as one of the important elements in the structure of human nutrition.

Aim is to establish the nutrient profile of pineapple juice.

Material and methods. Data analysis of reference books and scientific publications, conducting physic-chemical studies of industrially produced pineapple juice.

Results and discussion. The nutrient profile shows the content of more than 30 nutritive and bioactive compounds in pineapple juice. Sugars in pineapple juice are represented by glucose, fructose and sucrose in an average ratio of 1:1:1.6, organic acids are mainly citric and L-malic acids, while the content of citric acid is 2-4 times higher than that of L-malic. A portion of industrially produced pineapple juice on average contains 10% of the daily human requirement for potassium and magnesium, about 15% for copper, 60-70% for vitamin C. The content of vitamin B1 and folate is about 7% of daily recommended level, vitamin B6 - about 12%. Pineapple juice is a source of manganese -a portion contains more than 100% of the adequate level of daily consumption of this trace element. Polyphenolic compounds are mainly represented by hydroxycinnamic acids, among which synaptic acid and its derivatives and p-coumaroyl chinic acid predominate (45-80% of all hydroxycinnamic acids in total). The content of hydroxycinnamic acids per serving averages 30% of the adequate level of their daily intake. Pineapple juice shows proteolytic activity (about 1 pe per 1 g of dry matter), which is associated with the content of the complex of proteolytic enzymes in pineapples.

Conclusion. The most significant from the point of view of providing a human body with micronutrients and minor bioactive compounds for pineapple juice are manganese, vitamin C, hydroxycinnamic acids, copper, potassium, magnesium, and B vitamins (B1, B6, folates).

Keywords:pineapple juice, nutrient profile, micronutrients, hydroxycinnamic acids, bioactive compounds, bromelain

For citation: Ivanova N.N., Khomich LM, Perova I.B., Eller K.I. Pineapple juice nutritional profile. Voprosy pitaniia [Problems of Nutrition]. 2019; 88 (2): 73-82. doi: 10.24411/0042-8833-2019-10020. (in Russian)

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