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The individual approach to energy consumption among the sambo sportsmen

AbstractIn the present survey the results of energy expenditure investigation of 14-16 years old (n=100) male sambo athletes', studying at Center of Sport and Education "Sambo-70", at the stage of the instant arrangement for startup, are presented. Serious differences in the level of athletes' energy expenditure depending on training load have been identified in the course of investigations. On the ground of the pre-contest stage training model the combinations of the most common conditioning exercises are determined. By the analysis of energy expenditure out of training and during the training activity, the average data of general (daily) energy expenditure in accordance with the amount and the direction of training load are deduced. The difference between the roughest and the rest day amounted to 2075 kcal a day. The significant varies in energy expenditure of different weight category athletes have been found. It has been revealed that during the single training load execution of the same volume and intensity, the representatives of the lightweight athletes (45-50 kg) burn, at the average, 377 kcal less than the heavy-weight ones (81-85 kg), which amounts not less than 15% of the energy value of average daily ration.

Keywords:combat sports, nutrition, athlete's diet, energy costs

Voprosy pitaniia [Problems of Nutrition]. 2017; 86 (6): 84-89. doi: 10.24411/0042-8833-2017-00009.

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