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Diet pattern and health of working people

AbstractBy results of a research of the International Bureau of Work (IBW), malnutrition at work costs the world community of 20% work decline in production. Chronic noninfectious diseases which risk factors are disturbances of nutrition cause about 46% of morbidity and 60% of mortality in the world, including to 30% of mortality from cardiovascular diseases. Economically developed countries face larger financial losses from an obesity. So annual expenses, such as medical insurance, paid sick days, holidays and other payments make from 2 to 7% from the total amount of expenses on health care. Catering establishments in institutions are capable to provide the maximum approach to an optimum nutrition of employees, including, regimen of meals (a breakfast, a lunch and an afternoon snack, and sometimes and a dinner) that will provide prophylaxis of a series of the major noninfectious diseases, such as infarct, stroke, diabetes mellitus of the II type, cancer.

Keywords:the working population, obesity, diet pattern, prophylaxis of noninfectious diseases

Problems of Nutrition. 2017; 86 (5): 17-21. doi: 10.24411/0042-8833-2017-00071.

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