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Basal metabolic rate as an integral indicator of metabolism intensity


The basal metabolism rate (BMR) is of great importance in the assessment of daily energy requirements and physical activity level of a person. Article reviews the factors influencing the BMR. The BMR significantly correlates with weight, height, age, sex. Prediction equations based on these factors account for approximately 70% of the variability of the basal metabolism. However, these equations do not take into account the effect of body composition. The BMR is associated with lean body mass. Among body composition indicators lean body mass is the strongest determinant of BMR. The rate of basal metabolism, predicted on the basis of the relationship with the lean body mass covers the same 70% of the variability that are determined by gender and age differences, as most of the variability due to gender and age differences. In addition, the role of physical activity and nutrition as factors that affect the value of the BMR is discussed. The conclusion is made that lean body mass is the strongest predictor of BMR. Body fat mass also affects the basal metabolic rate as well as physical activity level and nutrition.

Keywords:basal metabolic rate, energy needs, body composition, physical activity, dietary factors, prediction of basal metabolic rate

Problems of Nutrition. 2017; 86 (5): 5-10. doi: 10.24411/0042-8833-2017-00069.

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