The study of energy balance in individuals with the Trp64Arg polymorphism of the β 3-adrenoreceptor gene

AbstractThe study involved 104 people living in the Moscow region, including 18 men and 86 women aged 18 to 67 years. Genotyping of rs4994 ADRB3 polymorphisms was performed using allele-specific amplification, with result detection in real time and using TaqMan-probes complementary to polymorphic DNA regions. The frequency of the mutant allele in individuals was 8.0%, while the Trp64Trp genotype was detected in 84.0% of cases, Trp64Ar – in 16.0%, AA – in 19.0%. Compared with men with genotype Trp64Trp, the men with the Trp64Ar polymorphisms (rs4994) of ADRB3 gene had significantly lower energy expenditure at rest value, calculated per kg of body muscle mass that was associated with higher fat mass, levels of blood serum leptin and LDL cholesterol. The data obtained suggested that leptin could be a possible intermediary contributing to the association between the rs4994 polymorphism of ADRB3 gene and energy disbalance.

Keywords:obesity: metabolic syndrome, nutritional status, metabolic status, leptin, rs4994 polymorphism of ADRB3 gene