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The complexes of copper, manganese and chromium with enzymatic hydrolysate of pig spleen: research in vitro


This report describes the preparation and the results of physical and chemical analysis of complexes of enzymatic hydrolysate of pig spleen (EHPS) with manganese, copper and chromium. The complexes were prepared using schemes including the reaction of complexation of inorganic cations with EHPS-peptides structures and application of membrane technology. The process of microfiltration of the resulting mixtures was carried out in tangential flow and low molecular weight fractions were collected. Solutions of copper and manganese complexes with EHPS were subjected to nanofiltration to remove inorganic ions from the reaction mixture. The obtained preparations were lyophilic dried and the molecular weight distribution of the protein fractions in Cu-EHPS, MnEHPS and Cr-EHPS complexes was analyzed by exclusion medium pressure liquid chromatography. The percentage relation of fractions with specific molecular weight range was calculated by applying the weighted integration of chromatograms. The determination of copper, manganese and chromium levels in the complexes was performed by atomic absorption method. The content of microelements in the preparations is for copper 16.5±0.3 mg/g, for manganese – 24.9±0.5 mg/g and for chromium – 2.5±0.2 mg/g.

Keywords:essential microelements, enzymatic hydrolysate of pig spleen, membrane technology, complexation

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