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E.L.I.S. (eburnameninelike indole structures), extracted from medicinal plants, as performance catalysts in sports

AbstractThe main goal of this study is to describe the scientific basis of the beneficial effects of E.L.I.S. using, intended to improve motor coordination and muscular memory, optimizing the neuronal circuits throughout the entire body, involved in learning and doing sports. These effects, combined with the synergic action presented by these extracts (E.L.I.S.) when administered together with compounds of xanthine structure, also lead to improved blood circulation and glucose consumptionoptimizing the cellular metabolism, the production of neurotransmitters and the cognitive capacity and, therefore, the cerebral activity is reinforced in general both in the short term and the long term after administering them orally. 285 references of scientific literature relating to the E.L.I.S. are submitted on the basis of requests from and

Keywords:E.L.I.S., eburnamenine-like indole structures, xanthines, cellular metabolism, athletes

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