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Standards of nutrition for athletes in Germany

AbstractThe Deutscher Olympische Sportbund (DOSB) founded recently an advisory board for German elite athlete nutrition, the ‘Arbeitsgruppe (AG) Ernahrungsberatung an den Olympiastutzpunkten’. The ‘Performance codex and quality criteria for the food supply in facilities of German elite sports’ have been established since1997. The biochemical equivalent (ATP) for the energy demand is calculated using the DLW (Double Labeled Water)-method on the basis of RMR (Resting Metabolic Rate) and BMR (Basic Metabolic Rate) at sporttype specific exercises and performances. Certain nutraceutical ingredients for dietary supplements can be recommended. However, quality criteria for nutrition, cooking and food supply are defined on the basis of Health Food and the individual physiological/social-psychological status of the athlete. Especially food supplements and instant food have to be avoided for young athletes. The German advisory board for elite athlete nutrition publishes ‘colour lists’ for highly recommended (green), acceptable (yellow), and less recommended (red) food stuff.

Keywords:elite athletes, health food, supplements, colour lists, DOSB

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