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Correction of polyhypovitaminosis in rats, having standard and enriched with polyunsaturated fatty acids family ω-3 diets with different doses of vitamins

AbstractThe efficiency of the correction of combined alimentary vitamin deficit in male Wistar rats (body weight 90–121 g) fed standard diet or enriched with ω-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids diet (by replacing sunflower oil (4,5% of the diet) with linseed oil) with different doses (physiological and enhanced) of vitamins has been investigated. The control group of animals (n=12) received a complete semisynthetic diet during all experimental period (42 d). The animals of the test groups (each of 20 rats) received vitamin-deficient diet containing sunflower or linseed oil and 20% per cent of vitamin mixture amount in control diet from which vitamin E had been excluded. After 28 days of such feeding each of test groups was divided into two subgroups (6–8 rats in each), and the next 14 days the animals of subgroups received the diet with different degree of vitamin compensation (50 or 180% percent of vitamin content in the diet of the control group). The addition of both low and high vitamin dose in deficient diet based on standard fat component did not compensate the reduced liver vitamin A content, which amounted to 47,4% of the level in the liver of the control group. The lack of vitamin E in animals was eliminated only after adding of the enhanced dose of vitamin E to the ration. Recovering of decreased plasma and liver B2 level, plasma 25(ОН)D and liver vitamin B1 content have been occurred after addition of the low dose of these vitamins to rat diet. Increasing of ω-3 PUFA diet level improved vitamins A and D sufficiency to some extent, but was accompanied by the significant reduction of rat liver alfa-tocopherol content both under combined vitamin deficiency (by 14%) and increased vitamins consumption (by 43%). PUFA enrichment of the diet of rats with vitamin deficiency had no impact on vitamin B1 and B2 liver level. The use of high doses of vitamins for a long time to eliminate a combined deficiency of vitamins has been proved.

Keywords:polyhypovitaminosis, vitamins, ω-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids, linseed oil, liver, blood plasma, rats

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