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The experimental model of alimentary polyhypovitaminosis of different degree in rats

AbstractA model of the alimentary polyhypovitaminosis varying degrees basing on partitive simultaneous reduction of all vitamins in rats diet has been proposed. The model has a principal difference from other experimental models, based on complete exclusion of 1 or 2 vitamins from animal diet. The proposed model allows you to get as close to the actually observed combined deficiency of several vitamins among the population. 5-fold decrease of vitamin mixture resulted in the fact that animals received 20–23% of vitamins D, A, B2, 33% of vitamin B1 and 57% of vitamin E from the content of these vitamins in the diet of animals from control group because of some nature vitamins contained in such diet basic components as casein (vitamins D, A, B1, B2) and sunflower oil (vitamin E). After one month treatment a deep deficiency of all vitamins has developed in rats from this group. Liver level of vitamin A decreased 8,5-fold, vitamins E and B1 – approximately 2-fold, vitamins C and B2 by 22%. Urinary excretion of vitamin B1 and B2 declined 2 and 5,3 fold. Blood plasma concentration of vitamin A decreased 1,9 fold, and E – 1,4 fold, B2 – by 30%. Activities of blood plasma vitamin B6-dependent enzymes reduced 1,4-fold. 2-fold decrease in the amount of vitamin mixture ensured intake about 50–59% of vitamins D, A, B2, and B1 and about 71% of vitamin E of those contained in the diet of animals from control group. Vitamin status indexes of these animals occupied an intermediate position. They have developed a moderate deficit of these essential micronutrients. The proposed model may be useful for metabolic disorders identification, the study of vitamins and minerals assimilation, investigations of the influence of biologically active components of food on these processes, as well as the development of personalized approaches to the correction of vitamin insufficient accuracy.

Keywords:model of alimentary polyhypovitaminosis, vitamin A, vitamin E, vitamin В1, vitamin В2, vitamin C, liver, blood plasma, urinary excretion, rats

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